Ticklish Teeth book and brushes

As responsible first-time parents, my wife and I believed we had a solid approach to cleaning our 3-yr old son’s teeth.  So, during a dental check-up, we were surprised to discover plaque build-up.  Plaque is the pre-cursor to caries and ultimately cavities.  As a result, we were instructed to pay much greater attention to his oral care – and to be more thorough with his brushing.



It's fair to say that our son did not take this change well! In fact, he took it so poorly that twice a day I had to brace myself for a traumatic couple of minutes.


He hated it – and so did I. There had to be a better way...


At that time, two of the favourite experiences that my son and I shared were reading books and tickling each other.  It occurred to me that if his teeth giggled each time he brushed (or tickled) them, his approach to the routine might be very different.  So I set out to completely re-frame the toothbrushing experience for him and to transform it from a chore that he had to perform twice daily into something that he would actually enjoy – and understand.  

Ticklish Teeth book - internal image

With the idea of giggling teeth, I headed off to my workshop to create a toothbrush that would giggle when used, and I wrote and illustrated the book.  Even though the first versions of the brush and book were very rudimentary they worked and our son was captivated.

Overnight he went from actively trying to avoid having his teeth brushed to wanting to sit on my

knee and read the book while he Tickled his teeth.

Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush

As a parent, the sense of relief that this transformation brought me was fantastic!

Ticklish Teeth is ideally suited to help children understand and practice good brushing techniques and to learn, and understand, oral hygiene habits during a critical developmental age.


As a company, Ticklish is passionate about improving the oral health of our children.  We recognise that despite our goal of developing a product that is inexpensive, it may be beyond the reach of some families.  As such, we have partnered with the global oral health charity, Dentaid and provide 5% of all books and brushes manufactured to Dentaid, and to other charities, for distribution among families in need - free of charge.  We hope to do more.

Ticklish Teeth transformed the oral care routine in our home and in the homes of the families that have used it.  I really hope that Ticklish Teeth can have the same positive impact on the children in your life.





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