Frequently Asked Questions



How soft are the Ticklish Toothbrush bristles?

Consistent with Dental advice, we use soft bristles. This ensures comfortable and safe toothbrushing. We have worked closely with dentists and dental academics to address two concerns: clean teeth and no gum damage.


Does every child need a separate TicklishToothbrush?

No. Ticklish Teeth is designed with multi-child families in mind. The brush head can be easily detached and swapped for different children, and a range of coloured (therefore, personally identifiable) bristles are available.


How long does the Ticklish Toothbrush battery last?

During testing our validated prototype worked through  78 cycles (or around 156 minutes of giggling) without a drop in performance. Depending on use and conditions we’re estimating a battery life of around 70-90 days in the hibernation state.


How is the Ticklish Toothbrush powered?

Ticklish Teeth is powered by an internal, replaceable,  AAA battery.


Is the Ticklish Toothbrush waterproof?

Yes.  For the technically minded backers, Ticklish Teeth has been tested to an IPX7 water ingress rating.


How big is the Ticklish Toothbrush?

Designed with little hands and mouths in mind, the brush is 20mm in diameter at it's widest point and is 170mm in length.


Are Ticklish Toothbrushes recyclable?

We’ve made every effort to balance the demands of developing an inexpensive product that can help improve the oral health of children with our impact on the environment.  The brush heads (bristles) are fully recyclable, however, the base unit holding the electronics is not.  However, Ticklish Teeth has been designed as a multiuse and multiuser brush in order to maximise its usable life.


Does the Ticklish Toothbrush oscillate?

No. Ticklish Teeth is a manual brush – it does not vibrate or oscillate.  The vast majority of children’s brushes are manual and when used well they are as efficacious as oscillating brushes.  The advanced technology inside the brush relates to an accelerometer coupled with a proprietary algorithm that senses when a brushing motion is being used - which initiates the giggling. 


Where is Ticklish Teeth manufactured?

Our manufacturing site is in Shenzen, China.  The manufacturer operates a fully GMP certified facility and is a responsible employer who is a contract manufacturer of oral health care devices for most of the world’s leading brands.


How much does it cost to ship internationally?

$15 USD for international shipping as established with our 3PL based in the US. 


How is shipping handled?

We will be shipping via the United States Postal Service First Class mail with delivery tracking confirmation. International shipments will be sent via International First Class.


How much are the shipping costs for replacement brush heads?

At this time, the shipping cost for replacement brush heads for locations in the US will be around $5 USD.  For locations in the European Union (plus or minus the UK?! Are you in or out?!) and the rest of the world will be $10USD.  Depending upon the success (or otherwise…) of our Kickstarter campaign, we hope to establish 3PL partners for localised fulfillment – which will drastically reduce international shipping costs.  Also, we have a pipeline of Ticklish products which we are working to bring to the market.  This will allow bundling of products through the TicklishParenting website – which will permit free shipping.


When will you ship your first devices?

If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we are well on track to deliver as early as February 2019.