Ticklish Teeth book and brush

The book contains an engaging, light-hearted poem that educates your child about the best brushing techniques and the reasons why good oral health is important. From plaque and decay to dentures and coffee stains, the book includes dental themes to explore and discuss. 

A beautifully illustrated picture book for children aged 3 to 6 years that are learning to brush their teeth. Check it out for FREE here


Flips the script on teeth brushing with the premise that your teeth can be tickled by brushing. 


A good book by itself, but when it is paired with the Ticklish Toothbrush (a motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush) children are captivated by the impression that their teeth are giggling. 




Children reading Ticklish Teeth book

Ticklish Teeth also contains resources for parents such as best practice recommendations for optimal oral health care in children, advice on how best to use Ticklish Teeth and information about the state of oral health around the world. 

Designed to delight and distract your child while they brush their teeth, the poem takes around 2 minutes to read aloud.  2 minutes is recommended by dentists and dental academics as the optimal brushing time for good oral care.    Being a children's book each page also contains a hidden tooth - great for the younger children's engagement. 

Parent reading Ticklish Teeth to child while they brush using the Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush
Ticklish Teeth book internal image and copy

Ticklish Teeth can help to transform the oral health routine of your family, increasing both the quality and duration of your child's brushing as well as their understanding of the reasons why oral hygiene is important. 

Invest in the oral health of the children in your life.