Ticklish Giggling - Happy teeth
Ticklish teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush rear

As you can guess, the team at Ticklish has had a lot of fun developing this product. No children were harmed in the making of this - even if it does sound like one is about to explode from happiness!


Tickling and giggling are socially contagious - they're infectious - and uplifting.  Ticklish Teeth flips the script on tooth brushing, re-framing and re-imagining it as an activity that children relate to, enjoy doing, and feel good about. Combined with the Ticklish Teeth book they create a powerful vehicle for education and skill development.


Ticklish teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush front

The Ticklish Toothbrush is a technologically advanced manual toothbrush for children aged 3 to 6 years that are learning how to brush their teeth. 


Specially designed to delight and distract your children, the brush handle contains an accelerometer, coupled with a proprietary algorithm, that senses when a brushing motion is being used and starts giggling.  


For the child brushing this creates the strong impression that they are tickling their teeth - and that their teeth are loving it!


Tickling and giggling is a powerful sensory hook - it's an experience that all parents share and enjoy with their children. Listen to the giggling for yourself - we struggle to get through it without cracking out a smile even though we've heard it hundreds of times. 


Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush - small brush head with soft bristles
Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush embossed logo - hidden activation button
Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush - replaceable heads, AAA battery


Key Features:

  • Replaceable and recyclable brush heads in a range of colours.
    Multi-use brush suitable for all children learning to brush.

  • Brush biting stops the giggling.
    Many parents express frustration when their child bites the toothbrush and refuses to let go. As soon as this occurs - the giggling stops. 


  • Soft bristles and a small brush head. 
    Consistent with leading Dental advice ensuring easy use and reduced potential for gum damage

  • Freestanding on base, and stable when lying on its back.
    No more toothpaste stains on the bathroom bench top!

  • Ergonomic design.
    Easy for little hands to hold and use.

  • Hidden activation button, plain colours, and simple design aesthetic. 
    This design feature enables parents to really capture that moment of magic for their child when the brush starts giggling.  Unlike other children's brushes, Ticklish Toothbrush is designed to look like a plain, manual brush - and can work like one. 

  • Directional speaker recessed in brush base.
    This has allowed us to modulate the volume such that the child using the brush clearly hears the giggling - while parents reading the book or supervising are not driven crazy by the giggling.

  • FDA compliant and CE mark certified.

  • Powered by a single AAA battery. 




Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush - speaker penetrations
Ticklish Teeth motion-sensitve, giggling toothbrush - profiles

Invest in the oral health of the children in your life.